Six Sigma simply means a measure of quality that strives for perfection. It is disciplined, has a data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defect in any process. Six Sigma provides a methodology to continue our improvement in everything we do. It is an organizational philosophy in establishing the belief of 'doing things right, first time and every time'.

Corporatization and competition in healthcare sector are forcing healthcare organizations to look for new ways and means for improving their processes. This is for improving quality of the hospital's products and services and reducing patient dissatisfaction. As healthcare sector is becoming more complex, the opportunities for errors abound. Six Sigma methodologies can help in this and can change the face of modern hospital and healthcare delivery system. Six Sigma can reduce variability and waste, translating to fewer errors, improve PATIENT satisfaction, provide better processes, greater patient satisfaction rates, and happier and more productive staff.


Few Benefits of Six Sigma (for all stake holders) has been mentioned below, however the list is only a representation of the wide range of benefits that the process offers .

  • Safer and more efficient emergency services.
  • Fewer medical errors and defects.
  • Increased service orientation
  • Fewer complaints
  • Improved billing
  • Fewer physician complaints
  • Better financial and higher annual savings.
  • Optimized materials management chain
  • Less rework and waste.

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